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People who get in my face when I disagree with them get less feedback from me. They also get less honest feedback.

They may not care. They evidently don't want my feedback. But I think enough of my opinions that I feel that it's their loss.

Also I feel I'm saving my own time by not engaging.

And now, Jet Airways.

I was never a huge fan of the airline but as is usual with airlines I'm on the side of more competition.

From https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47905089:
Passengers are stranded in India and around the world after Jet Airways suspended all international flights.

Flights from London, Paris and Amsterdam are among those grounded amid fears about the survival of India's largest private airline.

The airline cancelled all international flights until Monday when, according to reports, it will meet its lenders again to try to secure funding.

RIP, Wow Air.

Icelandic low-fare carrier Wow Air just stopped flying, stranding passengers on both sides of the Atlantic. The Washington Post has a story on what to do if you're stuck: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/i-have-a-wow-air-ticket-what-happens-now/2019/03/28/2bda45f0-5182-11e9-8d28-f5149e5a2fda_story.html

I'm sad about this, not because I ever had much intention of flying with them, but because when the transatlantic low-fare airlines like Laker Airways and People Express Airlines stop flying, the network carriers raise their prices.

RIP, Wow. Hope Norwegian stays in the air until the end of the summer.

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From https://www.ft.com/content/b2e56c96-1f32-11e9-a46f-08f9738d6b2b:
Every year, Chapman University in California publishes a fun list called the Survey of American Fears. In 2018, the biggest fear, for all Americans, was corrupt government officials. Money was at number four, but five of the top 10 fears were environmental. This is perhaps surprising, as politicians, especially in the US, often portray the environment as an elite concern. (By way of context, being murdered by a stranger was at number 50, one above sharks.)

“We are beginning to see trends that people tend to fear what they are exposed to in the media,” says Christopher Bader, the survey leader and a professor of sociology at Chapman. Media scare stories are, to an extent, fairly egalitarian and widely consumed. Plutocrats differ from the hoi polloi in that they have the means to do something about these newsworthy worries — which might explain the vogue among the Silicon Valley elite for post-apocalyptic boltholes in faraway places such as New Zealand.

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From Adrienne Crew's latest piece, on time travel fiction. Third installment of ten in her Afrofuturism series on Hilobrow.
For an American of African descent, the notion of traveling to the past is a painful one. In no matter which time period a person like me might arrive, if I’m in Europe or a European colony, I might very likely be raped, enslaved, lynched, or all of the above. I’ve asked African American friends about which past time period they’d most like to visit, and they always agree with me that the present is the best. Brandi Brown, a young African American stand-up comedian who formerly worked in advertising, once joked that when she was asked, “Don’t you wish you could go back and work in the time of Mad Men?, her response was: “I would not like that at all! I’m a huge fan of my current rights.” The very idea of time travel, for African Americans, heightens our anxiety about the history of anti-black white supremacy in the world.
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PSA to anyone who’s thinking about adopting devs.

From http://phantomrose96.tumblr.com/post/182948728452/psa-to-anyone-whos-thinking-about-adopting-devs:
Please spread this. So so so many people are trying to run websites without the slightest idea how to keep a happy, healthy dev. It breaks my heart to see mishandled devs, who should be great additions to any website, instead end up turning on high-contrast mode permanently, removing pictures of sand dunes and babies with a broken p0rn detecting AI, and sometimes just deleting entire users, features, and posts accidentally. This is not cute. Do not get a dev if you cannot care for them properly. This has been a PSA.

"Here's what Trevor Noah's hilarious Oscars Wakanda joke actually means"

I do appreciate a good language joke. South Africans, particularly Xhosa-speakers, really seem to have liked this one too.

From https://www.timeslive.co.za/tshisa-live/tshisa-live/2019-02-25-heres-what-trevor-noahs-hilarious-oscars-wakanda-joke-actually-means:
Trevor Noah may have got applause from the audience at the Oscars on Sunday night for his speech about Wakanda, but local fans were crying with laughter at the shade the comedian was actually throwing in a Xhosa-infused joke.

Trevor took to the Oscar's stage to present Black Panther as one of the Best Picture nominees at this year's award ceremony and mocked those who thought Wakanda may be a real place.

"Growing up as a young boy in Wakanda, I would see T'Challa flying over our village, and he would remind me of a great Xhosa phrase. He says 'abelungu abazi ubu ndiyaxoka' - which means 'In times like these, we are stronger when we fight together than when we try to fight apart'."

His "inspirational" story drew applause from those who did not understand Xhosa.
Click through to see the video and get the accurate translation.

The MBTA Customer Opinion Panel

Have you seen this or signed up for it? It requires either a CharlieCard or a CharlieTicket number, and your responses are linked to that.

From http://mbtabackontrack.com/performance/index.html#/engagement:
The MBTA Customer Opinion Panel is a group of several thousand customers who have signed up to tell us about their experiences every few months.

Customers fill out an initial signup survey that gives us some basic information, and then receive a satisfaction survey every month which takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out. We use these responses to understand how we’re doing in delivering many aspects of our service, including reliability, cleanliness, maintenance, and more.

Filling out the satisfaction survey allows customers to enter a monthly drawing for a LinkPass.

The Customer Opinion Panel is open to all MBTA riders. Your input will help keep us focused on what matters most to you as we work to improve our service.

"My left shoe won't even reboot."

At least the firmware update didn't brick the shoes if you're using the iOS app. Just the Android version of Nike Adapt.

(Why would I pay $350 for shoes that need a mobile app for full functionality?)

From Nike’s self-lacing sneakers turn into bricks after faulty firmware update:
One user writes, "The first software update for the shoe threw an error while updating, bricking the right shoe." Another says, "App will only sync with left shoe and then fails every time. Also, app says left shoe is already connected to another device whenever I try to reinstall and start over."

"My left shoe won't even reboot." writes another. One user offers a possible solution, saying, "You need to do a manual reset of both shoes per the instructions."