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30th April 2016

6:11pm: Good workout today. Don't appear to have strained anything, which is even better.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

27th April 2016

5:29am: Trump had a really good night on Tuesday.

Nate Silver: "I don’t know what’s going to happen in Indiana. But Trump’s strong results over the past two weeks have changed the Hoosier State from potentially being “must-win” for Trump to probably being “must-win” for his opponents."

The ball's in your court, Governor Pence.

24th April 2016

4:47am: New sleeper bus service between SF and LA.
Here's something I want to try.

From http://nextshark.com/sleepbus-startup-travel-sf-la/:

"The Sleepbus, founded by Tom Currier and Jonathan Tyler, offers nightly non-stop trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco for $48 each way. It can be caught at the Santa Monica Pier North parking lot and unloads at the King Caltrain, San Francisco Station."

22nd April 2016

5:27pm: Do Not Weep for Andrew Jackson
Dan McLaughlin in the National Review makes a number of important points about changes to the $20 bill:

"There are a few lessons here, not least the power of popular culture: Hamilton, previously the most obscure figure (to the general population) of the men on American currency was clearly saved in large part by the runaway success of the Broadway hip-hop musical celebrating his life. Conservatives may decry the politically correct identity-politics drive to demand a woman on the money and downgrade Jackson, but it’s worth remembering that Jackson has only been there since 1928, when he replaced Grover Cleveland, and decisions about whom we should honor on our money have always said as much about our values at a given moment as about any historical merit.

"...Tubman herself is a worthy honoree, the first ordinary citizen on paper money and a woman of great courage and powerful Christian witness. She was also — this tends to be forgotten today — a nurse and scout during the Civil War and herself a leader of the women’s suffrage movement until her death at 91 in 1913, more than half a century after her “Underground Railroad” exploits. Tubman’s life is not without its own controversies, like her assistance to John Brown in advance of the Harper’s Ferry raid that ended with Brown being hanged for treason (the justification of Brown’s actions is one of the great ethical dilemmas in American history: How far exactly should one go to stop something as bad as slavery?). And if the debates over the $10 and the $20 lead more Americans to learn the flesh-and-blood stories of Hamilton, Jackson, and Tubman, that can’t be a bad thing. They remind us that our politics have always been messy and sometimes bloody."

26th March 2016

6:49pm: DC folks: Am I right to assume that visiting the cherry blossoms will be easier on a weekday rather than the weekend this week?

23rd March 2016

9:02am: Yesterday, Mormons in Utah voted overwhelmingly against Trump. This is consistent with Mormon voting patterns in neighboring states.

Turns out that attacking one religious minority can make another religous minority nervous.


22nd March 2016

12:10am: Popular Mechanics offered Taylor Huckaby a few more than 140 characters to explain himself.

His tweets as BART representative went viral recently (http://r-ness.livejournal.com/896192.html).

17th March 2016

5:15pm: Sad but true, not just for BART but for all the rapid transit systems in America.

(h/t Marcia)
4:18pm: Apparently, fringe accents are quite the thing this season.


E was horrified even before I told her the price.
4:14pm: I have a ProtonMail account. Let me know if you want my address.

5:35am: Has “Hamilton” saved Hamilton?

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” said on Wednesday that he had received assurances from Jacob J. Lew, secretary of the Treasury, that admirers of Alexander Hamilton would not be disappointed by a forthcoming redesign of the $10 bill. Mr. Lew has said that he wanted to add a woman’s image to that bill, which now features Hamilton’s portrait. That plan has won support from many, but there have also been complaints from those who don’t want to see Hamilton, the country’s first Treasury secretary, replaced.

16th March 2016

9:37pm: One of the funniest suggestions I've seen so far about the Metrorail shutdown today is one mentioned in this story from Reuters: "One user joked that the city should flood the subway tunnels to the level of the platforms and rely on Venetian gondolas rather than trains."

15th March 2016

6:12pm: Metrorail is shutting down for all of Wednesday to inspect cables.
12:06am: Has anyone read or heard any stories recently about voting machine irregularities? I ask because there's an important vote in Ohio tomorrow...

14th March 2016


Happy Π Day!

13th March 2016

1:53am: Jonah Goldberg loses it.
There are too many good pull quotes in this piece, but I'll start with this one:

"At times, I sometimes think I’m living in a weird remake of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. If you’ve seen any of the umpteen versions, you know the pattern. Someone you know or love goes to sleep one night and appears the next day to be the exact same person you always knew.


"...I live in constant fear that I will run into Kevin Williamson, Charlie Cooke, or Rich Lowry and they will start telling me that Donald Trump is a serious person because he’s tapping into this or he’s willing to say that. I imagine my dog suddenly barking at them uncontrollably. (I don’t worry about this with Ramesh because Vulcans are immune.)"

12th March 2016

1:11am: Trying to scare women away from traveling alone won’t keep them safe
From http://qz.com/636778/trying-to-scare-women-away-from-traveling-alone-wont-keep-them-safe/
When a male friend of a friend disappeared in Mexico, there were no hysterical responses. His bright shining face was not plastered all over cable news the way Natalee Holloway’s had been. He was just some white dude gone missing; it barely made the news at all. And when his body was found—he had suffered a mishap while hiking in the mountains and was unable to make it out—there was no tut-tutting by commentators about how dangerous it was for men to travel alone. His disappearance did not fit into their agenda.

I would never argue that the world is a safe place for women. Women face a disproportionate amount of physical, sexual, and political violence throughout the world. But how we choose to write about that violence matters. By sensationalizing the stories of Holloway and others, we create a narrative that distracts from the more everyday dangers that women face–and from the women who are most vulnerable to violence.


When the report of the Danish woman who was raped in India made the news, I remember a lot of people, particularly women in the comments section, blaming the victim for going to India at all. “What did she expect?” I read over and over. It’s convenient for Westerners to think of India as a place where rape happens. It helps us dehumanize men of color, and it helps protect our unquestioned xenophobia. It also allows us not to think about our own countries’ problems with violence against women.

10th March 2016

4:55pm: I'm pretty sure The Week deliberately put these two stories right next to each other on their front page today:



(Even the article numbers are sequential.)

9th March 2016

3:08pm: A new Culture ship name: "I got your gravitas right here!"

(h/t James Poniewozik, in the NYTimes)
1:40am: One phenomenon I'm seeing this election cycle is the "victory speech" made by candidates who have not, in fact, won. Marco Rubio has been making a number of these, but tonight it was John Kasich's turn. He came in third in Michigan, which is not a great result no matter how you spin it, but he made a "victory speech" anyway.

Have I just not noticed this before? I don't remember as many of these being made in previous cycles.

7th March 2016

8:22pm: Mike Bloomberg isn't running for president.

3rd March 2016

10:43pm: Of all the articles on tonight's dick-sizing debate, Breitbart probably has the best photo/headline combination.

Trump Reassures Nation About Penis Size at GOP Debate
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